Modular, the ultimate synthesizer that will revolutionize your sound.

Modular looks, acts, and sounds like a hardware modular synthesizer to give you features that musicians want such as pulse width modulation, oscillator sync, 4 pole ladder filters, and 1v/oct filter tracking. Traditional modular systems are expensive and out of reach for the average artist. Modular is here to bridge that gap and allow everyone the opportunity to use these powerful synthesizers.

What makes modular special is the audio and visual experience you have with it. The beautifully minimal menu systems and interface, and the ultra-realistic synthesizer graphics are just the beginning. The real beauty is not what you see, but what you hear. Pristine and punchy oscillators that sound great, even at the extreme ends of the frequency spectrum. It starts with band-limited oscillators. Not just traditional methods of band-limiting, but band-limiting that enables each note you play to have the maximum number of harmonics without distorting.

Every detail of the audio has been analyzed to provide you the most amazing sound possible such as buttery smooth filter sweeps and resonance so stable you can use the filter as an oscillator!

Modular goes a step further with connectivity and supports Audiobus, Soundcloud, CoreMIDI, as well as Audio Copy so that your music making workflow is streamlined and integrated.

• High fidelity, virtual analog synthesis, using bandlimited oscillators and oversampled filters

• Audiobus and background audio modes

• CoreMIDI control with external devices or internal sequencers

• Beautifully rendered graphics

• Dynamic workspace with intuitive navigation

• Optional modules available as a Pro Module Bundle

• 10-octave keyboard with classically styled arpeggiator

• Extensive in app help with detailed module descriptions and guides

• Record and export live performance to Soundcloud, Audio Copy, email and iTunes file sharing

Modular creates sound primarily through subtractive synthesis. In subtractive synthesis, a harmonically rich sound source is modified by subtracting unwanted harmonics to make the desired sound. Source modules consist of oscillators and noise generators; Modifier modules include filters and effects; Amplifier modules change the loudness of the sound over time; envelope generators and low-frequency oscillators are used as Controller modules; and Routing modules allow users to split, combine, fade, or invert signals between modules.

The master module is the main connection point between the keyboard and modules as well as the final output and modules.

The VCO-01 is a band limited voltage controlled oscillator with triangle, square, and sawtooth waveforms.

The VCO-11 is an advanced band limited voltage controlled oscillator with sine, triangle, pulse, and sawtooth waveforms.

The VCO-12 is an advanced virtual analog voltage controlled oscillator with variable waveform and 10 octave frequency modulation.

The VCO-13 is a superwave oscillator with selectable supersaw, supertriangle, and supersine.

The NG-17 is a noise generator that outputs both white and pink noise.

The VCF-01 is a 2 pole resonating low pass filter with frequency modulation.

The VCF-11 is an advanced 2 pole resonating filter with individual low, band, and high pass outputs. The frequency can be modulated as well as scaled per keyboard tracking.

The VCF-12 is an advanced 4 pole resonating ladder filter with low pass output. This filter has a smooth characteristic and steep cutoff slope. The VCF-12 can self oscillate at high resonance settings.

The VCA-01 module is an amplifier with an initial level knob and CV control of the level.

The MIX-02 combines 3 signals together and sends the result to a single output.

The SPLIT-03 takes an incoming signal and splits it into 3 separate outputs.

The INV-04 is a utility module that takes an incoming signal and inverts the output.

The VCA-11 is an improved amplifier module compared to the VCA-01 with soft clipping.

The XFADE-12 cross fades two signals and outputs the result.

The PAN-13 allows you to stereo pan a mono signals.

The LFO-01 is a low frequency oscillator which can be used as a control voltage source to modulate parameters on other modules.

The LFO-11 is an advanced low frequency oscillator which can be used as a control voltage source to modulate parameters on other modules.

The EG-01 is a standard attack, decay, sustain, decay envelope generator.

The EG-02 is a standard decay envelope generator.

The EG-11 is a standard attack, decay, sustain, release envelope generator.

The SLEW-13 is a slew generator which smoothes out the transitions of an incoming signal.

The EG-16 is an advanced DAHDSR envelope generator with envelope curve.

The DELAY-01 is a standard delay effect unit.

The DELAY-11 is an advanced delay effect unit.

The DIST-13 is a distortion effect module.

The BOOL-01 applies boolean math functions to two signals and outputs a 1 or 0 result.

The RING-02 is a ring modulator which multiplies two signals together and sends the result to the output.

The SH-03 is a standard sample and hold module.

The RING-16 is a ring modulation and amp modulation unit.

The SH-17 is an advanced sample and hold module.