Rhythm studio is an exciting collection of groove box synthesizers and drum machines. With its patterned based sequencer, create electronic beats in no time.


Dynamic workspace full of awesome audio gear
Up to any 4 instruments per song
Audiobus support
Audio copy
WIST support
Background audio supported on multi-tasking iOS devices
Pattern and song sequencer
3 easy methods to making songs
Classic drum machines
Classic synthesizers
6 synths, 2 drum machines, and 15 effects


The Control Pad is a live performance tool to control the other instruments in your song. It can be used to record patterns live or jam live on top of existing patterns. The control surface plays the key and scale set from within the song settings so hitting a wrong note is impossible.


The DR-8 is an emulation of the classic TR-808 analog drum machine.

This virtual analog beast has huge bass and good headphones or studio quality monitors are recommended to fully appreciate the sound. The DR-8 synthesizes 11 simultaneous drum sounds. From the snappy snare to the crisp noise of the high hats, this drum machine has the signature sound of the original.


The DR-9 is an emulation of the classic TR-909 analog drum machine.

The punchy kick and snare made the original hardware a legend in electronic and dance music. The DR-9 synthesizes 11 simultaneous drum sounds. There are three types of drum triggers, normal, accented, and flam.


The FM-3 is a 3 operator frequency modulation synthesizer. By changing the operator routing algorithm, a great number of sounds are possible. In addition, each operator has the ability to feed back on itself creating unique noise shaping possibilities.


The Gemini synthesizer has been modeled to have the characteristics and controls of a vintage synth. The sound synthesis consists of two oscillators with analog modeled waveforms and a 24db/oct resonant filter. Full ADSR envelopes for the filter and amplifier as well as a configurable LFO are standard. Oscillator sync and ring modulation are also included.


The Hornet synthesizer produces three waveforms simultaneously, along with noise. The Hornet synth was designed to have a lot of character and be simple and easy to use.


The 4 channel mixer is used for combining the audio signal of all devices. Integrated send and insert FX as well as a master fader with stereo level meters are on the mixer.

Fifteen audio effects are included in the app that enable you to create your own sound and bring life to your mix.


The Phoenix synthesizer recreates the famous supersaw sound with 7 detuned oscilators and a hybrid filter. Create lush strings and huge bass sounds with this synth.


The ST-1 is a simple synthesizer which plays back preset sounds. Each sound is sample based. To add variation to the sounds, a brightness control and amplifier envelope can be used to change the timbre and shape.


The TB-3 is an emulation of the classic 303 analog synthesizer.

We built the TB-3 based from the original synth schematics and circuit diagrams. We analized the original TB-303 and a modified version of the x0xb0x so that we could study every nuance and characteristic of the true sound.